Monday, November 2, 2009

Week of November 2nd - 8th

*Even though our congregation won't be having a regular meeting schedule this week (on account of the Special Assembly Day on Sat), here's the schedule anyway to study on your own or in case you're in a different circuit...

Congregation Bible Study:
(song 115)
Keep Yourselves In God's Love
(chapter 12, pgs 133-136 ¶1-8)

Theocratic Ministry School:
Bible reading: Deuteronomy 14-18
No. 1: Deuteronomy 15:1-15
No. 2: What Does the Fear of God Encompass?
No. 3: God Remembers His Son
(lr chapter 39)

Service Meeting:
(song 1)
Starting Bible Studies (10 min.)
(audience discussion/presentation demos)
Local needs (10 min.)
Witness By Letter (10 min.)
(audience discussion based on be pgs 71-73)
(song 9)

Watchtower Study Lesson:
Be Obedient and Courageous as Christ Was
(pgs 11-15 -September 15th study edition)
(songs 8 & 107)

book abbreviations:
* lr (Learn From the Great Teacher)
* be (Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education)