Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week of January 4th -10th

*sorry I'm late posting this
Congregation Bible Study:
(song 95)
Keep Yourselves In God's Love
(chapter 15, pgs 171-174, ¶1-9)

Theocratic Ministry School:
Bible reading: Joshua 16-20
No. 1: Joshua 17:1-10
No. 2: What Will Those Who Go to Heaven Do There?
(rs pg 168 ¶2-6)
No. 3: Why "Limping Upon Two Different Opinions" Cannot Please God
(1 Kings 18:21)

Service Meeting:
(song 103)
Use Questions to Reach the Heart of Your Bible Students (10 min.)
(talk based on: be pg 239, subheadings: 'To Add Emphasis' & 'To Expose Wrong Thinking')
Local needs (10 min.)
Use Bible Literature in Your Ministry (10 min.)
(od pgs 100-101, audience discussion of the 3 paragraphs under "Using Bible Literature" -suggestions on making good use of literature and avoiding waste)
(song 92)

Watchtower Study Lesson:
"Enrich Your Prayers Through Bible Study"
(pgs 7-11 -November 15th study edition)
(songs 56 & 57)

book abbreviations:
* rs (Reasoning From the Scriptures)
* be (Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education)
* od (Organized To Do Jehovah's Will)