Monday, October 22, 2012

Week of October 22nd - 28th

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Congregation Bible Study:
(song 71 and Prayer)
"Bearing Thorough Witness About God's Kingdom"
(chapter 28, pgs 219-221, ¶8-15)

Theocratic Ministry School:
Bible reading: Hosea  1-7
No. 1: Hosea 6:1-7:7
No. 2: How Can the Visible Part of Jehovah's Organization Be Identified? (rs pg 283 ¶4 - pg 284 ¶2)
No. 3: Imitate Jesus by Despising Shame (Hebrews 12:2)

Service Meeting:
(song 130)
(30 min): "Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friends?"
(Questions and answers. Use the information in the first and last paragraphs for a brief introduction and conclusion)
(song 89 and Prayer)

Watchtower Study Lesson:
"How This World Will Come to an End"
(pgs 3-7 September 15th study edition)
(songs 133 & 132)

book abbreviations:
* rs (Reasoning From the Scriptures)