Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week of January 21st - 27th

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Congregation Bible Study:
(song 61 and Prayer)
"God's Word For Us Through Jeremiah"
(chapter 4, pgs 47-50, ¶9-14)

Theocratic Ministry School:
Bible reading: Matthew 12-15
No. 1: Matthew 14:23—15:11
No. 2: If Someone Says, 'Pray With Me First, Then Give Me Your Message' (rs pg 295 ¶4-5)
No. 3: What Can We Learn From Isaac's Example as a Peacemaker?
(Genesis 26:19-22)

Service Meeting:
(song 32)
(10 min): Declare the Good News Without Letup (Acts 5:42)
(Interview one or two publishers who are known as zealous evangelizers. What helps them to view the ministry as a priority? What do they do to prepare for the ministry? How has the ministry strengthened them spiritually?)
(10 min): Our Fine Conduct Gives a Witness. (1 Peter 2:12)
(Discussion based on the 2012 Yearbook, page 106, ¶1; page 133, ¶2; and page 146, ¶3. Invite audience to comment on the lessons learned.)
(10 min): "Would You Benefit From Having a Personal Territory?"
(Question and answers.)
(song 96 and Prayer)

Watchtower Study Lesson:
"Forgive One Another Freely"
(pgs 26-30 - November 15th study edition)
(songs 77 & 118)

book abbreviations:
* rs (Reasoning From the Scriptures)

extra publications to bring this week:
* 2012 Yearbook