Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week of February 11th - 17th

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Congregation Bible Study:
(song 106 and Prayer)
"God's Word For Us Through Jeremiah"
(chapter 5, pgs 59-62, ¶7-12)

Theocratic Ministry School:
Bible reading: Matthew 26-28
No. 1: Matthew 27:24-44
No. 2:  How Does God’s Patience Lead to Salvation?
(2 Peter 3:9, 15)
No. 3: If Someone Says, ‘You Put Too Much Emphasis on Prophecy’
(rs pg 298 ¶1-2)

Service Meeting:
(song 31)
(10 min): What Do We Learn?
(Discussion. Have Matthew 6:19-21 and Luke 16:13 read. Consider how these accounts can help us in our ministry.)
(20 min): "Will You Auxiliary Pioneer?"
(Questions and answers by the service overseer. After considering ¶2, briefly interview two publishers who plan to auxiliary pioneer during March, one who works full-time and one who has limitations because of poor health. What adjustments do they plan to make in order to pioneer? After considering ¶3, have a demonstration of a married couple or a family with children taking time during their Family Worship evening to make specific arrangements to expand their ministry.)
(song 122 and Prayer)

Watchtower Study Lesson:
Maintaining Our Position as “Temporary Residents”
(pgs 19-23 - December 15th study edition)
(songs 107 & 40)

book abbreviations:
* rs (Reasoning From the Scriptures)